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Aug 19 2012

Weekends are for Regaining Sanity

Well, week one had some high highs and some low lows…Friday was especially rough and I went home feeling a little (read: a lot) lost and upset and confused and discouraged. Struggling with things like: -how to make the same activity that works GREAT in one class work equally as well in another class…its difficult…

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Thank goodness. : ) I had a great first day, which was an “A” day, because we are on block scheduling.  So that means that on Monday I had a second first-day with a whole new group of students, my “B” day students.  And it was less-great.  Much less-great.  I felt disappointed and thought that…

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Aug 11 2012

First Day Happiness

I love my kids.  They are awesome.  And I am so excited for this year. We had an excellent first day together (although only 4/7, 7/25, and 14/27 of my students were here today).  Everything went smoothly, the students were well behaved, and we had a nice time introducing ourselves to each other.  Reading the…

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Jun 23 2012

One week down, three to go!

Well, week one of teaching is over!  It was exhausting.  I had really good days and really bad days, but overall: I loved it and I love my kids. My collab (teaching team) and I have about 11 kids in our class.  We teach them Biology in the morning and then the Algebra collab gets…

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