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May 02 2013


This week I was highly disappointed in my students.  And of course, Teach for America has trained me to think this is my fault and I have not done enough.  I didn’t build strong enough relationships, I did not create a classroom vision my students bought into, my classroom culture was not strong enough, I…

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So far, it has been a good week back to school from Spring Break. We started the unit on electricity in Physical Science, which I think students are enjoying it because it is so relevant.  And my Physics students have had some really great attitudes lately, which just makes class so much more pleasant. {SIDE…

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So, driving home from work today I had a really sad realization. With the exception of a few of my students, I realized today that nearly none of my students will be ready for college when they graduate high school. And I say this not because I don’t believe in my students, but because even…

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