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Last year nearly 30 students earned failing grades in my class.  And they all failed Physical Science and will need to retake it in order to graduate.  Some of them are in my classes again this year.  Most of them are doing better.  I have watched closely and I don’t think they are doing better…

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Nov 03 2013

The Legend of October

In the teacher-world there is saying that October is the worst month.  You’re just getting out of that “honey-mooning” phase, it’s the beginning of a new term, kids are restless, teachers are tired, and let’s face it: October is just plain LONG and meanwhile Thanksgiving and Christmas still seem a world away. So is it…

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Aug 02 2013


I have been hard at work this week getting my classroom and my classroom culture student-ready!  And because buying food is more important than buying fancy posters, AND because I was, after all, a design major, I collected images of posters I liked on my “I love to teach” Pinterest board.  And then I bought…

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May 22 2013

More highlights.

I am continuing to enjoy the responses from my students’ final exam essay  (see this page if you have no idea what I am talking about: http://vskk.teachforus.org/2013/05/13/life-lessons-in-science-class/ ) So I thought I would share a few more with you…maybe I went a little  (okay… A LOT) overboard, though, so skip through them as you like : )…

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May 13 2013

Life Lessons in Science Class

After a disappointing past couple weeks, my first group of final exams are in (Seniors take their exams a week earlier than everyone else) and as the last question on both my Physics and Physical Science exams, I asked the students this: Write at least three paragraphs describing what you think is the most IMPORTANT…

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May 02 2013


This week I was highly disappointed in my students.  And of course, Teach for America has trained me to think this is my fault and I have not done enough.  I didn’t build strong enough relationships, I did not create a classroom vision my students bought into, my classroom culture was not strong enough, I…

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Mar 03 2013

What do I want my students to say?

Yesterday, we had ProSat.  Which was annoying because we just had ProSat two weeks ago, but with both Mississippi and Arkansas Spring Breaks coming up (yes, I am counting down the days and it is five) they had to be scheduled very close together. Anyway, at our Diversity and Inclusiveness session, my MTLD asked us…

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So, driving home from work today I had a really sad realization. With the exception of a few of my students, I realized today that nearly none of my students will be ready for college when they graduate high school. And I say this not because I don’t believe in my students, but because even…

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Jan 08 2013

Thoughts on being a grown-up.

LORELAI: You know the one thing that grown-ups don’t call themselves? RORY: What? LORELAI: Grown-ups. Huh they say “adults,” and they pronounce it “ah-dults.” –A quote from one of my favorite shows, “Gilmore Girls” As my Christmas holiday/break from school/stress was winding down, I came across a blog post entitled “Top Ten Signs You’re an…

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These are the three words I am making my students reflect on this week.   1.  Who is someone that you RESPECT?  Describe how you treat this person in order to show them that you RESPECT them. 2. Tell about a time you showed a great deal of RESPONSIBILITY.  Why is this a great example…

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Jun 20 2012

The good and the bad.

Some days are great.  Others not so much. You have to debrief, take responsibility, fix it, and power on.  Because that’s what our kids deserve. My lesson today was less than stellar, but thanks to my awesome CMA Natasha who taught me how to use this awesome little chart to debrief myself last night, I…

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