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Feb 11 2013

Doing something right

Today was…less than perfect.  I mean, not terrible, but seriously not good either. BUT.  One student of mine who consistently misses my first block class because he never gets to school on time came to me today and we had a really serious conversation about where he wants his life to go and how he will get…

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Dec 05 2012

Sunshine on a cloudy day

One of my students.  Comes into third block everyday.  Doesn’t look at me.  Doesn’t acknowledge me.  Doesn’t say a word.  Puts his head down.  Refuses to work or sit up or participate or open his eyes for the next 90 minutes.   And today….. he came in.  Gave me a high five (I mean a…

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Aug 11 2012

First Day Happiness

I love my kids.  They are awesome.  And I am so excited for this year. We had an excellent first day together (although only 4/7, 7/25, and 14/27 of my students were here today).  Everything went smoothly, the students were well behaved, and we had a nice time introducing ourselves to each other.  Reading the…

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Here are my thoughts at the end of week 4: – I had two AWESOME lessons this week.  First, on Tuesday, my kids wrote GREAT paragraphs about ecosystems they created (please note they had never even written a complete sentence for me before, no matter how hard I pleaded and took off points).  They worked…

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