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May 20 2014

Don’t Give Up

Today wan’t perfect.  I had to throw out two students.  But it was a great day simply because I have amazing students.  I sometimes complain.  I sometimes post something terrible that happened at work on facebook to make light of the situation or entertain my loved ones.  But really that doesn’t accurately represent how very much I…

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Sep 06 2013

Picking up Paper Clips.

This past week (although short) was crazy in Room 116.  We are becoming designers and engineers and this week my students were designing and building their very own paper air planes. Basically, I spent the week frantically shuffling from group to group helping them interpret their research articles, asking them to revise their hypothesis over…

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Jan 14 2013

The teacher I imagined I would be…

I love writing blog posts when I feel very happy and positive.  And right now, I really feel genuinely happy. : ) **Side note: The only thing really getting me down is this rain and COLD.  And let me tell you, I can pinpoint the exact second it became cold in Jackson, MS.  I was…

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Dec 05 2012

Sunshine on a cloudy day

One of my students.  Comes into third block everyday.  Doesn’t look at me.  Doesn’t acknowledge me.  Doesn’t say a word.  Puts his head down.  Refuses to work or sit up or participate or open his eyes for the next 90 minutes.   And today….. he came in.  Gave me a high five (I mean a…

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Nov 28 2012

Happy Days.

Two good days in a row, so I just had to let you all know. (That rhymed) But yesterday all my  classes were so good!  3B even walked TO lunch quietly.   Back from lunch is a different story and they’ve now lost bathroom privileges, but that was the only bad part of the day.  My…

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Aug 20 2012

Having good days.

Our principal sends us an inspirational “Quote of the Day” every morning and today’s really stood out to me: ———- You have to come to the place where you can say, “I don’t have to have my way to have a good day.  My plans don’t have to work out for me to be happy.  Everybody doesn’t…

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