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Jul 15 2012

End of Institute.

Well, institute has come to a close and I am ready to go.  I am packing and ready to go and move into my new home in Jackson. The complicated plan is as follows: move out Wednesday morning, stay with a friend in Jackson Wednesday night, fly to Philly Thursday, Nick and I drive in…

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Here are my thoughts at the end of week 4: – I had two AWESOME lessons this week.  First, on Tuesday, my kids wrote GREAT paragraphs about ecosystems they created (please note they had never even written a complete sentence for me before, no matter how hard I pleaded and took off points).  They worked…

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Jun 23 2012

One week down, three to go!

Well, week one of teaching is over!  It was exhausting.  I had really good days and really bad days, but overall: I loved it and I love my kids. My collab (teaching team) and I have about 11 kids in our class.  We teach them Biology in the morning and then the Algebra collab gets…

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Jun 16 2012

Institute Emotional Overload

Week one of Institute OVER! : )  And I survived and everything! After a rough start to the week involving losing my purse/wallet/license/sketchbook/everythingimportanttosurvival, spilling hot hot coffee (A LOT of hot coffee) on my leg Monday, finding out I’m teaching 9th grade bio this summer then realizing that not only was my high school biology…

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