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May 02 2013


This week I was highly disappointed in my students.  And of course, Teach for America has trained me to think this is my fault and I have not done enough.  I didn’t build strong enough relationships, I did not create a classroom vision my students bought into, my classroom culture was not strong enough, I…

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I sent Nick this text message Tuesday afternoon: “My 4A block was the wooooooorst today.  I nearly hit someone with a stapler.  But I didn’t.  So the good news is I’m still employed.” And then when I returned to school on Wednesday morning to a 1B block that was almost as terrible as my 4A,…

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Oct 15 2012

Trying hard to stay positive.

When students break your stapler, loose your example project, leave their homework on their desks, talk incessantly, don’t care about class points, take over an hour to shut up and take notes, and ignore every request you make….. at least there are:three students who stay after for extra help, a friend to fix your stapler,…

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Jun 20 2012

The good and the bad.

Some days are great.  Others not so much. You have to debrief, take responsibility, fix it, and power on.  Because that’s what our kids deserve. My lesson today was less than stellar, but thanks to my awesome CMA Natasha who taught me how to use this awesome little chart to debrief myself last night, I…

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