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Nov 03 2013

The Legend of October

In the teacher-world there is saying that October is the worst month.  You’re just getting out of that “honey-mooning” phase, it’s the beginning of a new term, kids are restless, teachers are tired, and let’s face it: October is just plain LONG and meanwhile Thanksgiving and Christmas still seem a world away. So is it…

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I sent Nick this text message Tuesday afternoon: “My 4A block was the wooooooorst today.  I nearly hit someone with a stapler.  But I didn’t.  So the good news is I’m still employed.” And then when I returned to school on Wednesday morning to a 1B block that was almost as terrible as my 4A,…

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Dec 16 2012

Teacher Happies, Rats, and Germs.

This week was full of ups and downs. The downs mostly being students that were out of control loud and disrespectful. The ups: – I got new lights in my room which is awesome wonderful and I can SEE again!!  There were close to twenty light bulbs that were burnt out and they have ALL…

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Oct 15 2012

Trying hard to stay positive.

When students break your stapler, loose your example project, leave their homework on their desks, talk incessantly, don’t care about class points, take over an hour to shut up and take notes, and ignore every request you make….. at least there are:three students who stay after for extra help, a friend to fix your stapler,…

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Oct 12 2012

Finally…. [sorry about that]

I know, I know….I haven’t posted since the hurricane. For me, when the going gets tough, the tough get…busy…too busy to blog in fact.  Or too tired.  But ANYWAY…here I am.  With a full (and by full I mean extremely shortened due to the huge amount of time that has passed since I last posted)…

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Aug 19 2012

Weekends are for Regaining Sanity

Well, week one had some high highs and some low lows…Friday was especially rough and I went home feeling a little (read: a lot) lost and upset and confused and discouraged. Struggling with things like: -how to make the same activity that works GREAT in one class work equally as well in another class…its difficult…

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Thank goodness. : ) I had a great first day, which was an “A” day, because we are on block scheduling.  So that means that on Monday I had a second first-day with a whole new group of students, my “B” day students.  And it was less-great.  Much less-great.  I felt disappointed and thought that…

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Jun 20 2012

The good and the bad.

Some days are great.  Others not so much. You have to debrief, take responsibility, fix it, and power on.  Because that’s what our kids deserve. My lesson today was less than stellar, but thanks to my awesome CMA Natasha who taught me how to use this awesome little chart to debrief myself last night, I…

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