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May 20 2014

Don’t Give Up

Today wan’t perfect.  I had to throw out two students.  But it was a great day simply because I have amazing students.  I sometimes complain.  I sometimes post something terrible that happened at work on facebook to make light of the situation or entertain my loved ones.  But really that doesn’t accurately represent how very much I…

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Sep 26 2013

The Power of a Piece of Paper

This week, I saw students who were truly proud of themselves because of a piece of paper. They analyzed their data, revised their hypothesis about their planes, and re-built them in hopes of their new designs flying further.  We ran a final test and declared the “winner”. The morning of our final tests I came…

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Sep 06 2013

Picking up Paper Clips.

This past week (although short) was crazy in Room 116.  We are becoming designers and engineers and this week my students were designing and building their very own paper air planes. Basically, I spent the week frantically shuffling from group to group helping them interpret their research articles, asking them to revise their hypothesis over…

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Aug 13 2013

And, we’re back!

School is back in session and I have to tell you, I am feeling excited about this year.  Let’s run over a quick list of what has been completely awesome: 1. The Science Hall.  We are incredible.  We are a superb team.  And you don’t have to just take my word for it!  I have…

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May 13 2013

Life Lessons in Science Class

After a disappointing past couple weeks, my first group of final exams are in (Seniors take their exams a week earlier than everyone else) and as the last question on both my Physics and Physical Science exams, I asked the students this: Write at least three paragraphs describing what you think is the most IMPORTANT…

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Apr 12 2013

The State of My Classroom…

…is currently a mess. But that’s okay!  Because we made solar ovens this week to wrap up our electricity unit.  So there are little scraps of foil and aluminum foil and tape scattered on the floor and under desks and strange foil-covered pizza boxes are covering all available desks and flat spaces. It is so…

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So far, it has been a good week back to school from Spring Break. We started the unit on electricity in Physical Science, which I think students are enjoying it because it is so relevant.  And my Physics students have had some really great attitudes lately, which just makes class so much more pleasant. {SIDE…

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Jan 14 2013

The teacher I imagined I would be…

I love writing blog posts when I feel very happy and positive.  And right now, I really feel genuinely happy. : ) **Side note: The only thing really getting me down is this rain and COLD.  And let me tell you, I can pinpoint the exact second it became cold in Jackson, MS.  I was…

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Dec 16 2012

Teacher Happies, Rats, and Germs.

This week was full of ups and downs. The downs mostly being students that were out of control loud and disrespectful. The ups: – I got new lights in my room which is awesome wonderful and I can SEE again!!  There were close to twenty light bulbs that were burnt out and they have ALL…

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Nov 28 2012

Happy Days.

Two good days in a row, so I just had to let you all know. (That rhymed) But yesterday all my  classes were so good!  3B even walked TO lunch quietly.   Back from lunch is a different story and they’ve now lost bathroom privileges, but that was the only bad part of the day.  My…

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First.  Parent teacher conferences.  To quote one teacher in my hall, “It’s like Christmas!” Seriously, though.  You should be required to meet your student’s teachers before your child is allowed to attend school.  It’s such a breath of fresh air to hear that, yes, of course this student’s mother/father/auntie/grandmother/etc want him/her to do well!  And…

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Oct 12 2012

Finally…. [sorry about that]

I know, I know….I haven’t posted since the hurricane. For me, when the going gets tough, the tough get…busy…too busy to blog in fact.  Or too tired.  But ANYWAY…here I am.  With a full (and by full I mean extremely shortened due to the huge amount of time that has passed since I last posted)…

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Aug 11 2012

First Day Happiness

I love my kids.  They are awesome.  And I am so excited for this year. We had an excellent first day together (although only 4/7, 7/25, and 14/27 of my students were here today).  Everything went smoothly, the students were well behaved, and we had a nice time introducing ourselves to each other.  Reading the…

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Aug 09 2012


Excited.  No other words to describe how I feel at this moment. A few days ago I was silently freaking out.  I journaled something along the lines of, “What the heck am I doing?! I don’t know how to teach.  I don’t know anything about Physics, let alone teaching it!  I have a million posters…

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Jul 09 2012

Highlight of my week.

File this under AWESOME: I was talking with a few of my students today as we waited for the others to get back from the bathroom so we could go to lunch and I asked about their weekends, etc.  I asked them if they were excited for summer school to be finished or sad.  And…

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