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May 28 2014

Missing Mississippi

This is the last time I will be sitting in my classroom at Lanier High School.

I have many feelings running through my mind and heart.  I am excited to be moving back to Pennsylvania, excited to be closer to my family, excited to be working at Institute as a CMA this summer, and excited to see what is next.  But at the moment, I am feeling a whole lot of sadness thinking about what I will miss the most.   I am thinking about things things I have come to enjoy and the people that I love, the people I am so sad to leave.   So, I have come up with a list (which is probably not exhaustive) of some things I will miss in no particular order.


People, Places, and Things I will miss about Mississippi:

-My co-workers!  I work with such an amazing group of people and I will especially miss those on the science hall who have become my dear friends.

-My Childress Dr friends and other friends with whom we BBQed, laughed, and played board games, most notably Settler of Catan.

-My church, Broadmeadow United Methodist, who welcomed us with open arms, convinced me to join the choir, and are overall just a really wonderful group of people.

-The dog park and the friends we have made there.  (I think Nick will most of all miss visiting the cat room at CARA while the dogs are playing in the park.)

-My students.

-Edo with their amazing sushi, that opens with hot towels, comes with free crab salad, miso soup, and an orange slice at the end.

-Jaco’s Tacos lavender margarita (even thought they didn’t have it the last time I went).

-Kroger and the self-check out lady at the Old Canton Rd Kroger.  I LOOOOVE Kroger and I will miss their great customer service, customized coupons for things I actually buy, and their gas rewards.

-Animal Hospital of Clinton.  My favorite veterinarian I have ever visited with my pets.

-My classroom, leaky ceiling and all.

-Our little house on Berlin Drive with a great landlord, Moose, Tom-Tom (our landlord’s cats), and our awesome back porch.

-La Guadalupe.  Yum!

-Grabbing a Little Caeser’s Pizza, eating in the back of Nick’s truck, and then getting Menchie’s.

-Fresh crawfish.

-Being really close to New Orleans.

-Brent’s Drugs.

-Campbell’s Bakery.

-The Orange Peel.

-My ballet teacher, Beth.

-Live Oak trees.

-Cups.  And on that note, also Seattle Drip.

-Cloud Nine Farm in north Mississippi.

-Making small talk with every person I see.

-Mama’s Eats and Sweets, Twin Brother’s, and other awesome places I would eat with my co-workers.

-Getting wine and dessert at Char and feeling fancy.

-Warm, mild winters.

-Visiting my sister in Corpus (although she doesn’t live there anymore, so maybe that point is moot).

-Telling people I went to school in Philadelphia and them following up with, “Mississippi?”

-Mr. Randolph making me coffee every morning.

-Bottomless Bloody Mary’s at Nick’s on Sunday afternoons (although, I hear Nick’s is closing! So sad).

-The Rez.

-Pelican Grove.

-Really, really good fried catfish.

-Delta State/Cleveland, MS (a tiiiiny bit).

-$6 movies on Tuesdays and Sundays.


….And probably many other things that perhaps I’ll add later.

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