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May 21 2014


As part of my end of year meeting with my MTLD (Manager of Teacher Leadership Development), I asked my students to answer three questions for me.  As usual, I was impressed and inspires by their answers and I thought I would share some of them with you.

1. What is knowledge?

Information each individual depends on in order to do everyday things.

Knowledge is information that has been gathered over a lifetime.

Knowledge is power and what you use in everyday life.

I think that knowledge is something that is stored in my mind that I had to learn.

The power of information.

What you have learned.

What you know about everything.

Knowledge is the ability to learn.

Something you need to learn and work for.

I think knowledge is facts, information, and skills acquired by a person through experience or education.

Knowledge is the power to know and perceive life.

2. Where does knowledge come from?

Knowledge comes from information that you gather over a lifetime.

Yourself and the way you think.

The mind and soul.

It comes from learning and comes from education.

Knowledge comes from studying, working hard, and trying.

It comes from a person’s state of mind.

Knowledge comes from almost everything around you.

Yourself and how you think.

Knowledge comes from your mind and self will.

Knowledge comes from learning from mistakes.

3. How does your teacher show you that she cares about you?

By not giving up, even on the bad days.

She pushes me hard cause she knows we can do.

When they get mad.

Ms K shows how she cares about me by showing how she respects me, loves me, and helps me.

By teaching us, dealing with us, being there for us, guiding us, and keeping us on the right track.

By helping us with our work and helping us to become better people in life.

If they complain about something you’re doing wrong, you know they care.

My teacher shows that they care by giving out rewards and candy.

If she asks you to come after school for help.

Teachers show that they care by sharing their knowledge with you and teaching you.

When your teacher is hard on you.

By spreading ideas and teaching you.

By helping you when you ask for it.

She writes me letters and helps me out and talks to me.

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