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Apr 01 2014

Student Conversations I’ve Overheard…

…Or, Kids Really DO Say the Darndest Things!

I’ve been creating this lovely little collection over the past few months.  Mostly, it is my students making fun of me. : )

I know I haven’t had one in a while but, it’s a nice lighthearted change of pace from my sometimes heavy posts.  Post about conversations of inequity in science coming soon!!  Hope you enjoy!

Conversation overheard between two senior girls:

Girl 1: Ms K’s dress is really cute today.

Girl 2: It looks like a teacher’s dress.

Girl 1: Well, she is a teacher.  But she always dresses so cute.

Girl 2: It looks good on her because she is thin.

Girl 1: Well, when I’m her age, if I’m still thin I want to dress like her.  She dresses really young.

Girl 2: That’s because she is really young.

Girl 1: Not she’s not!

Girl 2 (shouting): Ms K!!  “T” called you old!

A student from the soccer team:

Oh! Don’t make Coach K mad, she’ll give you her evil squinty cat eyes!

After I made a cheesy science joke, one young lady made this comment (in a very kind, understanding tone of voice):

Yeah, you would think that is funny, Ms K.

When I wore glasses to school for the fourth or fifth time this year:

Student:  I didn’t know you wore glasses!

Me:  Yes you did, because last time I wore them, you told me I looked ugly in them.

Student:  Oh, well I think I just meant that I wish they were more square-shaped.

I told my students that the Third Law of Thermodynamics is my favorite because I love entropy and then they called me a nerd.  Later that same class, a student made a joke about entropy and they all laughed.

Student: “Ms K, you are turning us ALL into nerds!”

Me [silently in my head]: Exactly : )

When I wished one of my students a happy Monday off (for MLK day):

Student:  Thank you!  You, too.  Are you going to sleep in on your day off?

Me:  Yeah, I’ll probably sleep in until 7:30 or 8.

Student [very sarcastically]:  Oh, wow!  7:30 or 8?!  Your boyfriend gonna be like, ‘Ms K!  Sleeping in til 7:30! Wow!’

Me [silently in my head]:  Yes, because my boyfriend calls me Ms K.

Conversation between two students who are not doing work:

Me: Why aren’t you working on this?

Student 1 [not doing work]: You didn’t tell us what to do?

Student 2 [also not doing work]: Yes she did, she told us exactly what to do, you just weren’t listening.

Me [smiling and walking away] thinking, I love it when kids do my job for me.

After another student made a comment about me being old:

Ms K isn’t that old.  She’s probably like my mamma’s age and my mamma isn’t that old.  I do pull out some gray hairs for her sometimes, but she is still really beautiful.  Just like Ms K.

Stuck in traffic on a school bus with the boys soccer team for over an hour [this is part of a 45 minute discussion about which super hero would win when paired up in various fights to the death]:

The Powerpuff Girls!  Can’t nobody beat them, I don’t care what ya’ll say!

While learning about conservation of energy:

What kind of energy is it if I punch “O” in the face?  That’s kinetic energy, right?!

Conversation between students in my Physics class:

Student 1: Ms K, what music do you listen to?

Me: All kinds of music.

Student 1: But, like, what’s your favorite song?

Student 2: Ms K doesn’t listen to music.  She listens to audio books about Physics.


Funny things you’ve heard your students say in school?  Share them in the comments below!

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  1. Erin

    Ronnie–this is great. Keep doing what you’re doing. Thanks for sharing.

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