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Aug 13 2013

And, we’re back!

School is back in session and I have to tell you, I am feeling excited about this year.  Let’s run over a quick list of what has been completely awesome:

1. The Science Hall.  We are incredible.  We are a superb team.  And you don’t have to just take my word for it!  I have pictures.  For example, we created a giant periodic table, thanks to files from this awesome science teacher blog.  We got together on one of our last few days off before school started, printed, laminated, cut out, and hung this awesome thing on the wall in the hallway:

Also, we did inspirational/motivational quotes to hang from the ceiling down the middle of the hall:

I especially like this quote that hangs above the Physics sign:

And, because we are awesome and because we are scientists, we ALL got lab coats to wear in class each day.  These are awesome because they make us look very cohesive and very professional.  They also have amazingly wonderful pockets that fit tons of stuff AND we got them monogrammed with LHS Science Department and our names:

2. My students have impressed me immensely so far.  On the first day, I showed a prezi about how incredibly AWESOME science is (because, seriously, it is awesome).  We watched this video, shared with me the night before the first day of school!  (How lucky am I?  Thanks, Aunt Phoebe!)  Watch the video and you will understand how awesome it is.  After watching it, I had my students write about a problem that we have in the world (any problem at all) and write about how they thought science might be able to help solve it.  I had so many awesome responses.  My students are concerned about global warming, hunger, disease, pollution, violence, and one young man is concerned about his lack of sleep caused by all the homework he has.  AND my students are creative, too.  They want to start community gardens, create a devise that protects us from harmful sun rays (aka a synthetic ozone layer) and one young man designed and drew a picture of a machine that creates food!  I am boastful and went around reading my best essays to my fellow science department members. : )

3. I had a student come up to me on the first day of school begging to be in Physics.  I mean, there is no further explanation needed here.  It is just pure awesomeness.  He is now in my Physics class.  He wants to be an architect.

4. I am super psyched about using edmodo. I love seeing my kids sign up for it and upload their pictures to their account.  It just makes me happy.  They were super focused on getting their account set up in class and excited about being able to pull out their phones.  It’s just fun to give homework like, “set up an edmodo account” and actually watch in real time (edmodo sends me an email each time a student signs up) as they each complete the assignment.  So cool.

5. My students are incredible people.  Reading student surveys at the beginning of the year is one of my favorite things.  And I like to look back on them when I feel really frustrated with a particular student and remember that they really are just sweet little kids(teenagers) with big dreams and big hearts.  So my kids took their student survey this year.  I used this one that I found on pinterest and added on a backside where they put their contact info/parents’ contact info, as well as write me half a page about themselves and how they got to where they are today.  I love watching them concentrate as they work and of course I LOVE to read them when they are finished.  I have a great weekend project ahead of me, reading and filing all these surveys.

So there you have it.

Five reasons why I am looking forward to a super awesome year.

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  1. Sarah Phillips

    I love your resources! Where do you generally go to find hands-on activities (i.e. the ones that have them moving around- I really need those this year!)

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