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Aug 02 2013


I have been hard at work this week getting my classroom and my classroom culture student-ready!  And because buying food is more important than buying fancy posters, AND because I was, after all, a design major, I collected images of posters I liked on my “I love to teach” Pinterest board.  And then I bought poster board from the dollar store and made them my own.

The focus is on having the courage to fail, taking responsibility for yourself, as well as supporting others, and being more tolerant and loving.  I am sick and tired of students putting each other down every single day.  I know they are teenagers, but they do not need to that to the extent that I see it and their age is not an excuse in my book.  So this year a huge focus is on building classroom culture and unity.

You will have to click on some of the images in order to see the whole thing.


Sorry that the images are not great.  The lighting in the spare bedroom leave something to be desired, but I edited as best I could.

Let me know which is your favorite and stay tuned for photos of my classroom decor!

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  1. Phoebe Ashley

    love these

  2. TC the she

    I’m definitely using some of these for my middle schoolers. Thanks!

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