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Mar 15 2013

Lesson Planning on my Birthday

The title for today’s blog is what I do NOT want to happen.  And so, I am working on my lesson plans today instead of going out and spending my Friday off doing more interesting and fun things.  But it will be worth it when I can enjoy my Sunday birthday free of lesson planning duties.

Since it has been Spring Break this past week and last week was just hours of testing and sitting in first block for ever and ever, I have few school stories to tell you.  But I thought I would share with you a little about my trip to Corpus Christi, TX.

I drove the 10 hour trek to Corpus on Sunday after a yummy breakfast of cheesy eggs that Nick made and we ate together out of a single bowl using spoons because we forgot to run the dishwasher the night before.  It was long, but now that I am an official Mississippi resident (with a drivers license and everything), I went and signed up for a Hinds County Library card after school on Friday and checked out several books on tape.  (They are really on CD but it sounds strange to say books on CD.)  Anyway, it made the drive more tolerable.  And (another thing to add of my list of reasons I must be an adult) I have become a huge fan of NPR so that occupied my time on the trip a lot as well.

Sara had Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday off so we were able to enjoy a lot of time together.  I helped Sara do a little furniture and  kitchen supply shopping for her new apartment and we went to see some sights in Corpus Christi as well.

Monday. We went to Hester’s for brunch and I enjoyed some yummy hot chocolate and their “special” French Toast, which I was persuaded into buying because there were a bunch of cards written by elementary school students thanking Hester’s for their yummy French Toast.  I was not disappointed. : )  After that, we went to see the USS Lexington which something different and I really enjoyed it.  Their motto is “Real Big Fun” and it was fun and the “Lady Lex” is pretty huge.  It was amazing how huge it was and we kept finding new things.  I enjoyed climbing the ladder-like stairs in the ship and imagining how crazy and scary it must have been to be rushing up and down those steps in the middle of a battle during WWII.  After that we were tuckered out (since we had also bought a couch and kitchen table earlier that day) and we went home for dinner before Sara and her friend Robin introduced me to a new show (starring Kevin Bacon, of course) called “The Following”.

Tuesday. We went to the Art Museum of South Texas and it was really beautiful.  They had an amazing glass exhibition in the main gallery and some really beautiful works in their other galleries as well.  A lot of Mexican and Western-inspired art gave a really interesting feel to this museum.  And the architecture of it was beautiful.  I am obsessed with exhibition design and I enjoyed the chunks that were “carved” out of the thick concrete walls to allow both floor display and an overhead display as well.  The lighting throughout the entire museum was beautiful.  I did a section sketch of the ambient lighting in the uppermost gallery.  Outside the museum there are two really beautiful fountains and, of course, a giant buffalo statue that Sara told me to lay on the ground under so it looked like the buffalo was trampling me.  So I did.  Picture on facebook.  We did a little more shopping, went out to dinner for some amazing Mexican food, and spent the remainder of our evening drinking wine and watching comedy shows on netflix.

Wednesday. This was our beach morning.  We got up early and had cookies and a banana for breakfast (Digestive cookies, so it was healthy) and went to take a morning walk on the beach with Ralphie.  The weather was gorgeous and the water cold, but tolerable, so we let our feet wade in it.  The sand is so soft in Corpus!  We walked a long way up and down the beach so by the end I was exhausted and my ears were a little wind burnt, but it was certainly a beautiful morning.  We picked up Robin and went to a delicious little restaurant called Shell’s.  I had the most amazing garlic Gorgonzola mac&cheese and Sara and Robin had tuna steak sandwiches.  Yum.  Keylime pie and chocolate  raspberry pecan cake for dessert.  Then we had to rush home and hope Sara’s couch would be delivered in time for us to get pedicures!  It was. : )  Then it was off the movies to see “Oz” in Imax 3-D, which was really great and we had an easy, relaxing dinner of fancy cheese, pretzel rolls, and salad before calling it a night.

So, it was a wonderful week and now I am home and trying to clean a lot and get lesson planning finished so I can enjoy my weekend and my birthday.  Jackson went to get his bath this morning at “Perfect Pooch” while I graded notebooks and read Game of Thrones at Cups, so he is smelling lovely and I washed all his blankets and things so he is not laying his clean tail on a smelly bed/blanket.  About 6 or 7 more notebooks to grade and just about half my Physics lesson plans to finish up.  Life is beautiful.

Hope everyone has a great weekend and a very happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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