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Jan 21 2013

Still in my pjs at 2pm…

…this is a luxury I do not have very often these days now that a I am a real “adult” with a real job and errands and such to run on weekends.  So I am enjoying my day off, even if it has consisted mostly of lesson planning and notebook grading.

That said, I have become a beast at whizzing through lesson plans.  And not like before when I would whiz through a lesson plan and it came out terrible.  I mean, I have actually been teaching long enough that I can make a good set of two-week lesson plans in 2-3 hours.  And this is awesome.  Let me give you some perspective.  In institute, it took me over 3 hours to write a lesson plan for ONE DAY.  Most of first semester, it took me 4-6 hours to write a lesson plan for two weeks.  So, it is only 2pm and I have finished all my lesson planning the day before they are due.  This makes me feel awesome.

And so, on this MLK/Inauguration day, I am ready to hunker down and just finish grading notebooks.  But first, an overview of last week’s ups and downs:

- UP.  It was really, overall, a pretty great week.

- DOWN.  I did have an orange thrown at me.  “Maybe it was an accident,” some people said.  No.  The aim was dead-on.  It hit my hand.  Very hard.  Fruit. *rolls eyes*

- UP.  We had a 1.5 hour snow delay on Thursday!  In the South this translates into…No one should come to school.  I had 2 students in my first block, 4 in my second, and 5 in my last.  It was awesome.  Because in second block, for example, we were going over review problems and we were in the middle of an especially tricky one when the bell rang.  Not a SINGLE person got up out of their seat.  (In case you are not a teacher, let me put that in perspective for you: this is seriously a miracle.)  Every single one of those four students stayed in their seat, pencil in hand, and waited until we completed the problem before they got out of their seat and proceeded to their next class.  Many other teachers had similar experiences.  It was great.

- DOWN.  We are now behind two days on the pacing guide.  Oh well.  I’m really not super bent out of shape about this one.

- UP.  Almost all my students turned in their notebooks for the FIRST TIME EVER! : )

- DOWN.  That also means I have over 120 notebooks to grade….

- UP. I have off today.

- UP. I love my students.  They are becoming more engaged.  They are smiling when they get to my class.  They (most of them) listen to me and respect me a whole lot more than they used to.  They are (most of them) sincerely trying.  And the I love them.


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