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Jan 08 2013

Thoughts on being a grown-up.

LORELAI: You know the one thing that grown-ups don’t call themselves?

RORY: What?

LORELAI: Grown-ups. Huh they say “adults,” and they pronounce it “ah-dults.”

–A quote from one of my favorite shows, “Gilmore Girls”

As my Christmas holiday/break from school/stress was winding down, I came across a blog post entitled “Top Ten Signs You’re an Adult”.  You can find it here: http://thoughtcatalog.com/2012/top-ten-signs-youre-an-adult/  They even spelled you’re correctly (not confusing it with your), which is a sign of true adulthood, I’m sure. Anyway, as I was reading this, I considered a conversation I had with an old family friend on the way from Mississippi to PA.  Nick and I stopped to stay with an former neighbor who now lives in Tennessee (speaking of which, what’s up with all the double consonants, Mississippi and Tennessee?).  I have known these neighbors…probably since I was born or around that time and since they moved away when I was still in elementary school it makes sense that it seems like I should still be about 10 or 12 years old, tops.  Anyway, our friend was marveling at how crazy it is that my sister and I and her son are all adults now.  I protested, “I’m not an adult, I’m just a kid with a job who pays rent and buys my own groceries.”  To which she replied, “That’s pretty much what makes you an adult.”

So, after much contemplation, I decided maybe I have to finally admit to myself that I may, in fact, be a grown-up.  And so I have come up with my own list.

Top Ten Sign that You Might be a Grown-Up

10. You do not think you are an adult.

Because that just doesn’t sound very fun.

9. You have a job, pay rent, and buy your own groceries.

Thank you to my family friend for this one.  Seems obvious, but I seriously didn’t see it until she pointed it out.  And I suppose if you are a really serious adult, you might pay a mortgage instead of rent.

8. Having health, dental, and eye insurance is a big deal.

This is something that grown-ups care about, myself included.

7. Some of your students think you are 30.

Yeah, once I found this out, I figured I must be more grown-up than I think.  Believe it or not, to high schoolers, I look like a 30-year-old.  Although, the age I get more often is 26-28.

6. You are more interested in pinning organizational ideas, recipes you actually intend to cook, and stuff for your friend’s upcoming wedding than cute outfits, shoes, bags, and images with inspirational or funny quotes on them.

Because that’s the grown-up way to use this particular social media, right?

5. You have a budget.

Like a real one.  Not ‘Oooh, I don’t want to spend more than $20 on clothes and $100 on groceries this month.’  More like, ‘Oooh, if I spend more than $70  on gas, $150 on groceries, and $20 on dog food, I won’t be able to put money into my retirement fund…or I won’t be able to eat by the end of the month.’

4. You get excited about spending large amounts of money on things like a washing machine.

Nick calls this “building capital,” or something along those lines.

3. You are upset if you do not get to bed before 10pm…okay, 9pm.  And you wake up at 6am or 7am even on days you are allowed to sleep in.

I do not know what happened to the college girl that was able to stay up until 3am, wake up at 8am for class, and sleep in till 11am…okay, noon.. on the weekends.

2. You spend more time shopping for work clothes than regular clothes.

And it is not even like I don’t have enough work clothes!  But I guess work is where I spend a lot of my time so this kind of makes sense.  Plus I have swag, according to my students, so I guess it pays off.

1. You are definitely not going to waste your time trying to think of a 10th item for this list because you are grown-up and clearly have more important things to do, like change the lives of young teens in Jackson.

Right?  I really just couldn’t think of one and gave up because I have to print off lesson plans and attendance sheets before my 10pm bedtime.

Good night, everyone.  And let’s celebrate two things together:

1. The new TFAers who were accepted this week.

2. Today, for the first time in LOOONG time my third block came back from lunch and actually did their work.  Amazing what a little winter break will do.

2 Responses

  1. Cioci Amy

    Hey Ronn, I have a #1 sign of being an adult: You can adopt a dog without having to ask anyone for permission! (except your domestic partner, of course…)

  2. I can’t wait to be a grown-up like you and Nick. :-)
    - the recent Graduate

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