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Dec 05 2012

Sunshine on a cloudy day

One of my students.  Comes into third block everyday.  Doesn’t look at me.  Doesn’t acknowledge me.  Doesn’t say a word.  Puts his head down.  Refuses to work or sit up or participate or open his eyes for the next 90 minutes.


And today….. he came in.  Gave me a high five (I mean a GOOD one!), sat down.  Got out paper.  And began his catalyst.  He answered his catalyst.  Got a post it, wrote his goal on it and proceeded not just to take notes, but to diligently take notes.  HE ASKED ME A QUESTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I mean I raised his hand, I came over, and he asked me if he was doing something right.  This student has literally never said a word to me before.  Not even once.  Not even hello.  Not. One. Word.  We worked through it together and he GOT IT!  And then, after lunch, when everyone else was talking and packing up, he kept on doing his work.  And he did very well despite the distractions of his classmates misbehaving and talking around him.


And that, ladies and gentlemen…. Just made my day : )

On this happy ray of sunshine on a gloomy Mississippi day, I pack up to head to San Fran to visit my sister.  No worries, I’ll be sure to wear some flowers in my hair. ; )

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  1. Alana

    :) Oh Ronnie, I am so happy for you! Claire will TOTALLY tear up when I show her this story!

    Love ya!

  2. bob

    I’m so impressed that you know that song. :)

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