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Nov 28 2012

Happy Days.

Two good days in a row, so I just had to let you all know.

(That rhymed)

But yesterday all my  classes were so good!  3B even walked TO lunch quietly.   Back from lunch is a different story and they’ve now lost bathroom privileges, but that was the only bad part of the day.  My 4B class is hilarious and I had a wonderful time with them yesterday while they also got their work done and it was a really really good B day. : )

Today, Physics class was SO AWESOME!  Engaged, discussing, answering questions, solving problems.  It was incredible.  And then my other two classes were great as well.  4A was a little out of control but at the end, the first two boys finished their assignment were put on “clean-up duty” and they ROCKED it!  I put a list with check boxes on the board and gave them a marker and they were great and we were cleaned up and quiet in no time.

To top it off, Jackson peed on the kitchen floor instead of the carpet, which is a win.  And I got a pumpkin spite latte from Starbucks with my coworker AND when grocery shopping (which I hadn’t done since before Thanksgiving break).  AAAAND Nick comes home today after a victorious two days hunting.

So here is to good days.  Let me remember this next time I am feeling like nothing helps and nothing works.

Midterm test grades, on the other hand, leave something to be desired.  And on that note, I must go calculate my QDI.



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