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Nov 25 2012

Respect, Responsibility, Accountability

These are the three words I am making my students reflect on this week.


1.  Who is someone that you RESPECT?  Describe how you treat this person in order to show them that you RESPECT them.

2. Tell about a time you showed a great deal of RESPONSIBILITY.  Why is this a great example of being RESPONSIBILITY.

3. What do you think ACCOUNTABILITY means?  How might it apply to your life in school?  How about your life outside of school?


Because, basically, my classroom lacks respect, despite a pretty structured positive/negative consequence system and my students lack accountability when it comes to answering questions in class.

Thus begins: Ms Keefer cracking down on behavior and using Popsicle sticks with everyone’s name on them to show everyone that they could be accountable for information at any point during the class.  And students will set goals for themselves and hold each other accountable for reaching his or her goals.

Because when people ask how things are going and how school is, I respond it is okay and I have good days and bad days, which is true.  And I say I am having more good days than bad days lately, which is also true.  But to be perfectly honest, I don’t love teaching.  And I think I could…if my students just cared a little more.  If my students payed attention, and did all their work, and turned in 180 point projects, and got A’s on their notebook check, and ACTUALLY STUDIED (crazy idea, I know) for their exams…then, I really think I could love teaching.  Even if just 50% of my students did this, I think I could love teaching.  Because I love explaining.  I (sometimes) love lesson planning…and I at least love the process of breaking information down that takes place during lesson planning.  I love coming up with projects and activities.   I love when a student finally understands something.  AND I even love each and every one of my students.  But I can’t love the actual whole act of teaching when I feel my students are not invested in our classroom at all, or when I feel a lack of respect, responsibility, and accountability in the classroom.  I can’t love it.

So I need to do something about it.  That is MY responsibility.  I’m in charge of my classroom, so I will put these changes into motion.  And hope and pray that my students come along for the ride.  And hope and pray that this can be not just something that I do everyday, but something that I love doing everyday.


In other news, I got my projector funded on donorschoose!!  Thank you to all my donors: my family and my friends and especially the stranger who donated to my project and then posted it on his facebook wall as his “donorschoose project of the month” which brought in tons of donations from more complete strangers, which I could not be more grateful for.    : )


And in other completely unrelated news, Thanksgiving break was wonderful.  It was sad to return to Jackson alone (Nick is off hunting in PA), but I got a lot done today.  And tomorrow I pick Jackson the dog up from his vacay at the vet, which I am so very very much looking forward to.

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