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Jul 01 2012

Levels of Motivation

Here are my levels of motivation, ranked from lowest (1-4: I really, really have no motivation to do these things) to highest (7-10: I would enjoy doing these things) with 5 & 6 being things I would do to avoid doing 1-4 :

1. writing my Thursday lesson plan about how organisms in different levels of the food chain affect each other

2. getting out of my warm bed to go to dinner anytime in the next 3 hours

3. unpack from my weekend in Jackson

4. organize my calender for the next week

5. scroll mindlessly through facebook

6. P90X

7. watch teach videos on TFAnet

8. be really excited about moving to Jackson and do lots of research and puttering around on Jackson-related websites

9. be lazy, lay in my bed and read Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest

10. write a blog post : )

So, here I am.  Writing a blog post.

My week was excellent.  Ups and down, again, of course.  But for the most part good.  It was an easy week since I taught every day last week and this past week I only taught on Tuesday and Thursday.  While it was a nice break, it is not very realistic and it’s hard not working with my kids every day.  Highlights of the week:

- Designing Organelle Bingo (and then sharing it with many others teaching the organelles).  Even though it didn’t go as smoothly as I would have liked, I think the kids had fun and I learned A LOT about how to do it better next time.  And it was fun to design the boards.

- Buying “fighting okra” swag.

- ROCKING the BMC (Behavior Management Cycle) on Thursday.  Although my lesson was not that great and my students didn’t do that well on their exit ticket, I finally got the BMC and that is a small victory, but a good one.  I know  I can make better lesson plans and when I do my students will be able to learn because I am able to manage their behavior.

- Calling home after a student misbehaved in class, getting hung up on (by that student), calling back 15 minutes later, leaving a message, and having the mother call me back (very kind woman) and telling me I should not have anymore issues.

- Buying new coffee from Mississippi Grounds.

- Finishing my lesson plan early enough on Thursday to go out to a catfish and fried okra dinner with my handsome visitor, Nick.  Then getting ice cream at Sonic after and eating it in the back of his new yellow truck.

My weekend was wonderful : )  Nick came to visit (flew to St. Louis, bough a truck, drove down to Cleveland) and we took a weekend trip to Jackson!  The drive was not too long so we went down Friday evening when I got back from school and after we shared some to-go from the dining hall.  We did some house/apartment hunting and have found an apartment complex that we really really like, so we are putting in an application.  We also did a drive-by (it was over 100 degrees) tour of my new high school and of downtown Jackson (which is small and was kind of empty).  We loved the shops and restaurants around the Fondren area (which is also where our hotel was) and spent a lot of time at those.  Highlight of the weekend:

- Seeing my new school.

- Yummy hotel breakfast AND a happy hour with free wine, beer, soft drinks, and popcorn!  The shampoo smelled really good, too.

- Nick’s new truck is yellow.

- Yummy zebra mocha at Cups Fondren.

- DELICIOUS catfish tacos at Julep.

- Having effective air conditioning in my car : )

- Antique and artsy shops in Fondren.

- Driving around looking at cute houses (even if they weren’t for rent).

- Making pro/con lists for apartments.

- Watching She’s All That for probably the first time since we owned it (and watched it constantly) in London.

- Sleeping in! (til 8:30am)

2 Responses

  1. Meg

    I teach middle school science and they think the food chain/organisms are SO COOL. Whenever I’ve taught it I’ve always used something like clips from planet earth (free online) or the “Circle of Life” video from the Lion King.

  2. Mom

    I would LOVE doing your #1 item- wonder how it differs for vegetarian and omnivorous humans? Will you share organelle bingo with me. Remember my organelle beanbag toss at middle-school seminar?

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