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Jun 19 2014

After Two Years

I feel like I need some sort of closing post for the past two years, but it seems too overwhelming of a task.  How do you sum up in one blog post everything you have learned, all the people you have loved, the many ways you have felt pain, each moment of hope, defeat, energy, exhaustion, happiness, sadness, and so much else.
You cannot.  Or at least, I cannot.
I have been thinking about this post for weeks.  Trying to grasp in my mind what I could say to wrap my experience up nice and pretty and tie a fancy red bow around it.  But I can’t do it.
So, I’ll say this.  I have decided to continue teaching.  For how long?  I don’t know yet.  But at least another year.  I will be starting as a 12th grade Physics teacher at a high school in Philadelphia, PA this fall.  And here are a…

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Jun 16 2014

Delta Institute Tips :)

As I myself head off to be a CMA at Philly Institute, I know there are brand new 2014 Corps Members who are experiencing their first day of Delta Institute today.  And as a former attendee of Delta Institute, I have a few tips for them, might they happen upon my blog.  A lot of these…

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May 28 2014

Missing Mississippi

This is the last time I will be sitting in my classroom at Lanier High School. I have many feelings running through my mind and heart.  I am excited to be moving back to Pennsylvania, excited to be closer to my family, excited to be working at Institute as a CMA this summer, and excited…

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May 21 2014


As part of my end of year meeting with my MTLD (Manager of Teacher Leadership Development), I asked my students to answer three questions for me.  As usual, I was impressed and inspires by their answers and I thought I would share some of them with you. 1. What is knowledge? Information each individual depends…

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May 20 2014

Don’t Give Up

Today wan’t perfect.  I had to throw out two students.  But it was a great day simply because I have amazing students.  I sometimes complain.  I sometimes post something terrible that happened at work on facebook to make light of the situation or entertain my loved ones.  But really that doesn’t accurately represent how very much I…

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Apr 09 2014

Going beyond “Hands-On”

I have had some proud moments with my kids in the past week or so.  Why? Yesterday, as my students in 1B were building solar ovens, one student, with his hands full of plastic wrap and working together with two other people to try to get the plastic wrap to go around their oven just…

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…Or, Kids Really DO Say the Darndest Things! I’ve been creating this lovely little collection over the past few months.  Mostly, it is my students making fun of me. : ) I know I haven’t had one in a while but, it’s a nice lighthearted change of pace from my sometimes heavy posts.  Post about…

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Last year nearly 30 students earned failing grades in my class.  And they all failed Physical Science and will need to retake it in order to graduate.  Some of them are in my classes again this year.  Most of them are doing better.  I have watched closely and I don’t think they are doing better…

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Today, I found out that for one of my students, if he can hang on two and half more years, he will be the first in his family to graduate high school.  Not the first to graduate college, not even the first to go to college, but the first to graduate high school. The news…

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Nov 03 2013

The Legend of October

In the teacher-world there is saying that October is the worst month.  You’re just getting out of that “honey-mooning” phase, it’s the beginning of a new term, kids are restless, teachers are tired, and let’s face it: October is just plain LONG and meanwhile Thanksgiving and Christmas still seem a world away. So is it…

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